About Us

Having developed as a side project from a film production company, our origins are firmly rooted within the creative industry. Orillo Vodka was born out of the natural yet obvious passion for producing creative content - and sharing it. We wanted to share films with people in fun, engaging environments like outdoor pop-up cinemas, and with those events came bars. We soon realised that helping like-minded individuals come together over a few drinks was something that we needed to pursue, we just needed a product to help us do it: thus, Orillo Vodka was created.

Three years, and a lot of learning curves later, we finally have a vodka that we are proud to call our own. Add a splash to your favourite mixer, blend it into a delicious cocktail or even just sip it on the rocks – it’s distilled four times, making it smooth and easy on the palette.

As well as wanting the vodka to taste good, we also wanted to create a product that benefits the industry that we are so passionate about. Therefore we have pledged to put a percentage of all of our profits towards creative projects – whether this be to help fund a film, commission artwork or support budding creatives.

We are excited to share Orillo Vodka with you, and we hope you enjoy being a part of our journey.