It all began with a splash of colour. Orillo is rooted in colour, from the very essence of how we perceive film to the years spent working with Akzonobel, known for their spectrum of all things paint.
Throughout our journey we have met the faces behind Akzonobel and got to know their vibrant and exciting visions of colour. This has opened up many opportunities to collaborate with the creative ambassadors behind the brand and film truly inspiring campaigns and projects, one of which being Colour Britain.
Colour Britain was a project born out of a passion for colour and how it incites change to everyday life in public spaces. Dulux created a campaign commissioning three local artists to showcase their work in city centres across the UK. The art was inspired by the city itself creating an engaging and colourful identity that aimed to get the attention of the general public. The campaign spread across 8 cities within the UK and was a huge success. It not only showcased local talent but also the importance of art, colour and the unique identity of each city.
This project was a great success not only for Dulux but also Orillo. It was a truly inspiring couple of weeks on the road travelling around the UK following the trail of colour. We met some incredibly talented people and the public were delighted to share their experiences.
It was on this project we met Annu, a Finnish born illustrator based in London. Her work is instantly iconic, using bold colours with an experimental style mainly in the medium of Posca and acrylics on paper. Annu is much more than the colour she puts on paper. Her personality and style is as vibrant as the art she creates. This is why it seemed like a perfect fit to collaborate with Annu on the launch of Orillo Vodka. She left a bold impression and she inspired the team with her work, so it only seemed right that we would then commission a piece from her that would become the identity of the BATCH 001 CLUB.
It began with what, in our eyes, Annu does best (asides from her epic homage to cars) - the female form. We wanted something that was distinctively Annu but also incorporates an Orillo twist. Between us we managed to pay tribute to the copper distiller within the artwork by manipulating the shadows of the two girls - it's subtle. This created the iconic image that has marked the beginning of the Orillo Vodka journey.